Friday, January 23, 2015

My Heart is Breaking

I feel fortunate that I have shepherded my four children to adulthood. There were times, (but that is another story) when I wasn't sure either they or I would make it. Not all parents are so fortunate. And there is nothing more tragic than the news that a young person has given up and taken their own life.

It is a fact that there are some estimated 5,000 homeless young people in Salt Lake City. There are many more boys than girls. The majority of the young men have been disowned by their parents, due to the fact they are gay. Where do we have the right to be so judgmental of our children and think we are doing the "right " thing by shutting them out of our lives.

Some typical young men who have the world ahead of them to conquer.

I belong to an online group that provides support and resources for young Mormons who have come out to the world. Many of them report such stories of hatred and violence towards them by such self-righteous bigots, who happen to be related to them. In this group, we often get calls for help from a young person who is in this kind of trouble. Since there are members from all over the US and even in some foreign countries, there are times when we can direct them to help. In doing this, we are able to save some lives, I hope.
But the word has just come down the way, that a young man wasn't able to work through his demons and he committed suicide. His family was OK with him, and helped him get into and through rehab, since he was dealing with his issues in an unhealthy way. But the small town (in the Jello belt) he lived in was not as kind to him. And he finally just could not handle things any more.
If this was a one-time occurrence, while tragic, it would be soon forgotten. But this is happening in our world, at least once a week. It seems that is how often this seems to be happening.
My mother was not raised as a Mormon, having converted after she married my father. One of the basic lessons she drilled into my head was that we are all children of our Heavenly Parents. We do not have the right to hurt or do things that would destroy them. If we are truly followers of God. It's so basic, I would think, but I guess others don't feel that way.
This is the main reason I feel so upset when I hear Church leaders condemn young people. You do not have the right to do that to any human being, based on sexual identity or any other factors.
Boy, do I sound like a liberal. But I am and my definition of God includes love for all of his children.

Excuse me, while I go to my room and cry.


  1. I like your new blog, Anne. I'm going to see if my library has Gabriel's Daughters. Your post about Mormon suicides is very disturbing to read, but it's brave people like you and your online group that will continue to make us all aware of this topic. I had no idea.

  2. Thanks you for sharing this. This is the civil rights issue of our era and one we can't waste time not doing something about.